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Compact Hair Dryer with Infrared Heat for Straightening and Volume

Compact Hair Dryer with Infrared Heat for Straightening and Volume

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The Explosion Models Infrared Hot Air Comb Mini Hair Dryer is a versatile styling tool that combines the functions of a hair dryer and a hair straightener in one compact device. With its dual-use straight hair comb design, it can be used to dry and straighten hair at the same time, saving you time and effort in your hair styling routine.

The infrared technology used in this hair dryer helps to dry hair quickly and evenly, while also preventing damage and promoting healthy hair growth. The hot air comb also has multiple heat settings, allowing you to adjust the temperature to your desired level for optimal results.

The compact and lightweight design of this hair dryer makes it easy to use and perfect for travel. The straight volume dual-use straight hair comb feature allows you to easily straighten and smooth hair, leaving it looking sleek and polished. The comb also helps to detangle and remove knots from your hair, making styling easier and more efficient.

This hair dryer also features a safety overheat protection system, ensuring that it does not overheat and cause damage to your hair. The device also has a removable lint filter, which makes it easy to clean and maintain.

In short, the Explosion Models Infrared Hot Air Comb Mini Hair Dryer is a powerful and versatile styling tool that can be used to dry, straighten and smooth hair quickly and efficiently. Its compact design and multiple heat settings make it perfect for everyday use or travel, while its safety overheat protection system ensures that it is safe and easy to use

Product Category : Hair Straightener
Applicable hair: wet and dry
Thermal conductor material: environmentally friendly alloy
Thermal conductor diameter: 31mm or more
Temperature control adjustment: 3 segments
Best modeling time: 3-5 minutes
Colour: Black
Power: European regulations, US regulations, British regulations + 3 yuan (W)

product description

1. Voltage: 110/240V 50-60Hz
2. Front end temperature: 120 ° C
3. Wattage: 450W
4. Multi-level temperature control: hot air + infrared, the shape is changeable.
5. Lightweight body, unique ergonomic shape.
6. Far infrared function: First, far infrared rays have the effect of promoting blood circulation; second, experiments prove far infrared rays

It has anti-inflammatory effects.
7. Nylon comb with massage head effect.
8. 360-degree rotatable power cord (international standard core), solve the winding problem, use zero troubles.
9. Individual product with packaging gross weight: 0.76kg
10. Single product with package size 30.4X13.1X9cm

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