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Fashion realistic high temperature silk micro curls

Fashion realistic high temperature silk micro curls

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Elevate your hairstyling game with our Fashion Realistic High-Temperature Silk Micro Curls, the ultimate choice for a flawless look. Crafted to perfection, these synthetic hair extensions replicate the appearance and texture of real hair, offering exceptional versatility with the ability to withstand high heat from styling tools like curling irons and straighteners.

Key Features and Specifications:

  1. Premium Material: Our silk micro curls are meticulously crafted from a high-quality blend of synthetic fibers. These fibers not only feel incredibly soft to the touch but also exude a natural-looking sheen.

  2. Heat Resistant: These extensions are heat-resistant, allowing you to effortlessly curl or straighten them, ensuring a perfect look for any occasion.

  3. Lightweight Design: These extensions are exceptionally lightweight, ensuring they won't weigh down your hair or cause any discomfort.

  4. Easy Attachment: You can quickly and easily attach them to your natural hair for an instant boost of volume and length.

  5. Gentle on the Scalp: Ideal for those with sensitive scalps, these extensions are gentle and won't cause irritation or itching.

  6. Color Variety: Our Fashion Realistic High-Temperature Silk Micro Curls are available in a wide range of colors and shades to match your natural hair seamlessly.

  7. Easy Maintenance: These extensions are a breeze to care for, allowing you to wash and dry them just like your natural hair.

Product Specifications:

  • Style: Europe and America
  • Model: WIG-020
  • Intended for: Ladies
  • Processing Technology: Mechanism
  • Dyeable: No
  • Hair Material: High-temperature wire
  • Product Head Circumference: 57cm
  • Product Size: 30cm
  • Suitable for Any Skin Tone
  • Compatible with Any Face Shape
  • Bangs Type: Oblique Bangs
  • Efficacy: Shape Transformation
  • Cosmetic Properties: Realistic and Natural
  • Color: As Shown in the Picture

In summary, our Fashion Realistic High-Temperature Silk Micro Curls are the perfect solution for anyone looking to add volume, length, and style to their hair. These extensions are user-friendly, and comfortable, and offer an exceptionally natural appearance. Whether you desire luscious curls or extended lengths, these synthetic hair extensions are your go-to choice for a realistic and stunning transformation.

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WIG-020 A

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